Are you tired of playing forge of empires and not getting anywhere? You spent countless hours gathering resources and building your empire everyday. The solution to all your problems if our Hack tool for forge of empires.

Using our Diamond generator you’ll be able to generate an unlimited supply of diamonds. You can also generate diamonds for all your friends. All of the diamonds that are on your account will be there to stay and will never disappear.

Along with the diamond hack, using our tool you’ll be able to also generate Coins, Points, Supplies, and just about anything else you want. Using our speed hack you will now get to speed up time in your empire so you’ll progress much faster and not worry about being bored.

Forge of Empires Hack Features: Suni

Hack Tool Features

  • Diamond Generator
  • Coin Generator
  • Forge Points generator
  • Supplies Generator

Speed Hacks

  • X1.5 Speed Increase
  • X2 Speed Increase
  • X2.5 Speed Increase
  • X3.5 Speed Increase
  • X4.5 Speed Increase


  • Undetectable By InnoGames
  • Admin Log Bypass
  • Script Bypass

Note: You can purchase this hack for $9.99 or download it for free by clicking the right button!